Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Today - we give thanks for our Lord, family, friends and all that has been gifted to us. We will enjoy time together, just the four of us and then with our extended family. I shall go to work later and work through the evening. Not sure how many people we will see after a long day of eating and playing outside.

Tomorrow may be worse...since it's Black Friday and there could be shopping accidents!

We wish all the best to you and yours today and always!

(yep, that's the Christmas photo of the boys on the blog)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Milestone

One year ago today, we welcomed Mark into the world. Wow. That went by way too fast. I can't figure out if it was because I actually had more time with him in this first year compared to what I had with Matthew? Or, is it just because he's our second child and things always seem to go faster with the second (or third or beyond)?

I enjoyed waking up with Mark and was able to sing to him all by myself...we had some time to eat (and I had my coffee). Then big brother joined us and we played outside while I read the ads from the paper. Went to the store for some last minute items for the party, nap time for Mark, set up for the party, cleaned up, and then the guests started to arrive...and Mark slept. And slept. And slept. Almost an hour into the party, we decided to get him up so the guests could enjoy some time with him. He didn't want to eat so we went straight to cake and then the bath...because there was cake in his hair, ears, etc. Then presents (only a few) and of course, he enjoyed the bags, boxes and paper more than the gifts.

The guests left and we cleaned up. We played with the toys and went back outside to play. Nap time again for Mark, Matthew and I played a game...Joe went for a bike ride.

Day ended with some time on the gazebo in the my new lights...thanks honey! Bath time for all the boys, bed for Mark, and Amazing Race for mom/dad/Matthew. Now, we get ready for bed. I had to update the blog before we went to bed so I could capture the memories of today. Pictures to come...have to download to computer first!

Make it a great week!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Family fitness hour today - we all went and got worked! Except Mark - he sat in the stroller and watched...then lazy afternoon at home. And, to top it off, a date with Joe - we went to dinner and then shopping at IKEA! Our favorite kind of day. We ended with a frozen yogurt at Ocean Blue - Yummy!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Strong Life Test for Women

Wow - this is a great test. I took it and found that my Lead Strength is Creator (hmmm...) and my support strength is Teacher (double hmmmm...). I never, really never, would have thought of either of those for me, but cool! Try it, let me know how it goes!

Friday, October 16, 2009

He left me...

Matthew left yesterday morning for a 5-day trip with my mom, her brother and sister and my niece. They headed to Eastern Arizona to stay with my other aunt and uncle in the cooooool mountain pines. There's a lake with trout on their ranch...a HUGE sandbox...and lots of exploring to do. An 8-year old's dream!

I am devastated! Teared up a few times yesterday. This is the first time he has been away from us - away from home without us. He called last night crying saying he missed me...I had to be strong, and it was tough. I talked him through the tears and told him to hold onto Oma (my mom) as if she were me (cuz she kinda is, in a sense).

They called a little while ago...he was fine. Totally fine. So fine, in fact, that my mom put him on the phone and he could barely talk he was so excited because they could hear elk...and they were going to New Mexico...and going to walk past a bunch of yellow trees...and had already fed the fish...

And, to end the call, he passed the phone back to my mom and I heard him say, "I am past the crying - I don't think I miss her anymore!" I could have cried again...

So, I turn to this to make me laugh and smile:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Loving life!

I just figured out how to update my blog via my Blackberry - LOVE IT! For all those lost fleeting thought, I can now capture them on the run (unless driving and then I will have to retain them until done)!

Oh life can be so GREAT!!
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Monday, October 12, 2009

My first Top 10

The top 10 reasons I really like fall:

1) No A/C in house
2) Pumpkin spice latte @ Starbucks (been there for a month - but really can enjoy it now)
3) Morning walks with Mark (sometimes in stroller, sometimes not)
4) Fire in the firepit in backyard in the evening
5) Sitting in the gazebo in the morning listening to birds and sipping coffee
6) Pulling the comforter up at night to snuggle
7) Windows/Doors open almost all day long in the house
8) Matthew is on break and we get to hang out more
9) Driving with the windows down
10) Grilling outside without sweating...or at least not as much!

I know it's a weak Top 10, but they are all great things in the scheme of things when you live in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. I do miss experiencing the seasons right where I live, but I will take whatever I can get at this point...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, it's now only 2-1/2 days until Joe comes home. The weather is so nice I can't wait to share it with him! This trip has been tough on him...the place where he is working is so hot and dusty. He is fairly exhausted...but pushing through.

Joe - we love you and can't wait to see you Friday at the airport! Here's another video we took yesterday, but it's just Mark walking around on the gazebo. Matthew was still sleeping so he didn't partake. It's a short one, but doesn't he look so cute in the little sleeper? Oh yeah, notice his hand in his mouth? Know what that means? Yep...MORE TEETH! Nothing poking through yet, but this should be fun!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hi Daddy

We just recorded a msg for Daddy. We actually were able to speak with him over the internet, which is great because 1) it's free and 2) his phone isn't working. So, we went outside and recorded this message because the weather is BEAUTIFUL right now here in Arizona.

And, the Elvis reference? Well, Matthew thought I said 'Elvis' when I actually said 'eldest'. So, there you have it...enjoy!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We miss you Daddy!

Joe had to travel to Doha, Qatar last Thursday. He will be gone for 9 days...we are good through the first 3. Over the next 9 days, you may see little videos/messages geared specifically towards letting him know how we are doing. So, read and enjoy the little tidbits of our life!

October is here

And the temps are finally cooling down - WAHOOOOO!!! We take Mark for walks in the morning and will begin doing it in the evening as well very soon. He loves riding in the stroller...I actually think it wears him out! HA!

Here's a video because our life has changed...yep, Mark is walking. That means he can see on a whole new level now. He just follows us around and goes about his merry way. I love it...I mean, I REALLY love it! 10-1/2 months and he is all over the place...HA! Enjoy the movie!! (ps - yes, that's Christmas music in the background...Matthew is ahead of the game this year!)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Time

Here's a recent movie of Mark and Charlie...they are best of friends! We think Charlie believes Mark is another puppy...LOL...enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Picture Pages

Matthew has to do his first book report for class today - and along with it he did a diorama. The book he read, The Penderwicks, was a great one...17 chapters! WHEW! But, he loved it. So here are some pics of his diorama in progress...and the finished product. Oma helped him with it...the teacher in her coming out. He created a game on the back side of it - a matching game. And on the sides, he put pictures of the characters (using images of relatives, of course). It was fun for him...he really enjoyed the book and then bringing it to life like this was fun...a lot of work, as well!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Labor Day

And the time has flown. Mark will be ten months next week - whoa! Here's the latest on the family and then another post with pics/videos!

Mark - he's got 6 teeth with more comin'! The doctor saw him this past week as I thought he may have an ear infection, but she said his ears were beautiful and there were 2 more teeth coming. WOOOPPEEE!! when does it end??? He's crawling everywhere and trying to take steps on his own. Matthew loves to try and help him walk by holding his hands. Mark wants to move faster than his legs know how. We have gates everywhere because he has conquered going up the stairs, but not down. Soon...very soon...the gates will come down and the family will all be walkers! He is a great spirited child with his moments (like us all). He loves to laugh and giggle, but is quite insistent when he knows what he wants and doesn't have it in front of him. Life is good and I enjoy my time with him each and every day!

Matthew - 3rd grade is underway and he is LOVIN' school! He really has taken on the responsibilities of his new class and his teacher is great. She is providing us parents with many tools to assist him with everything he has to do for homework, book reports, etc. He still has his very happy, fun loving spirit, and enjoys making people laugh (did I mention class clown 3 years running?). I love this guy...and all the funny, quirky things that he has to say!

Jennie - well, still working nights. Yep, sleep is still random when I can get it. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am truly enjoying being at home with the boys during the morning hours. It has really been a blessing for me. I am starting back with my women's prayer group this coming weekend and I am also going to try Pilates. My friend teaches it at a local gym and I can pay (without membership) to take the class with her. AAHHHHHH stretching and relaxation!

Joe - just back from a week long work trip in Vegas (yeah right - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...jk!). I still have yet to see him in daylight (haven't seen him since last Sunday morning). Business has remained steady, which we are MOST thankful for. Though at times he realizes how tired he is, he knows that he has to be extremely thankful for the work when he can get it with so many without it. He may be headed to Qatar, Saudi Arabia later in September - will keep you posted on that one!

So, Joe and I pass like ships in the night...literally going a couple days without seeing each other since he is sleeping when I get home and I am sleeping when he leaves. Speaking of ships, Joe and I took our first cruise in August. It was a quick 3-day trip to Ensenada, Mexico. It was FUN! We didn't do much on the ship because it was cloudy the day we left and on Saturday. But, Sunday provided clear blue skies while we went on a tour of a winery...AWESOME! When we were back on the ship, we enjoyed lunch and some relaxing time by one of the pools. Then it was a little nap time and refresh before dinner. What a trip - we will cruise again!

We have enjoyed the summer and are turning now towards the fall/winter season! I wish I could say that brought crisp, cool weather, but 90's and low 100's aren't really considered cool by others outside of Arizona. However, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbuck's so that's a good sign of things to come!

More posts to come...stay tuned!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Yep - well, so much for trying to keep up on the blog. Mark is now 9 months He is crawling, standing up and trying to He is going to be the one that gets me to the hospital for services, and not for work. He has 4 teeth on the bottom and at least 2 on top. He won't quite let us look at them, but we could see the two front ones are BIG and have broken skin. Sleep is getting there...we have learned that letting him cry doesn't hurt him and provides for restful sleep for the whole family.

Matthew is back in school - YEAH!! He has a new teacher this year, Miss O'Brien, who is FULL of life and fun! But, still knows how to keep the kids in line. One of the biggest things in school this year is learning RESPONSIBILITIES. So, we are also pushing that at home...having our moments, but overall it is going well.

Joe, well, still busy as ever. Went on a quick business trip to Virginia to film a roof being put on the Air and Space Museum in Hampton. Two of his contract guys are back there this week finishing the job because Joe is in the studio for a 3-day shoot with Spirit and Song Artists. Then, maybe a day of rest...HA!

Me, well, did I tell you I am working nights? Yep, working from 4p in the afternoon until 1230a in the morning. However, I can count on one hand the number of times I have left the hospital on time since I made this shift change. But, I love it! Work is great...and I get to be home with the baby during the day...even BETTER!!! I am loving being able to do both. And most people ask, when do you sleep? Well, when I can. Most nights I get between 4 and 5 hours and then (maybe) an hour nap during the day. On the weekends, I try to sneak in a couple extra hours in the morning or during the day sometime...whatever life allows. It's all body knows what it needs to function!

And, for my birthday, my husband decided to take me on a cruise...YIPPEEEE!!! So, August 21st we leave for San Diego to catch our big boat - Carnival, baby! Can't wait...haven't ever cruised before so looking forward to it. Only 3 days - and that's enough because I don't think I could handle being away from the boys for any longer. Joe and I are looking forward to the time alone should be relaxing...and I will catch up on some of that lost sleep on the boat...zzzzzzzzz.

I will post some new pictures soon, but this is where we are at. Mark has his 9-month appt this Friday, so will post stats after that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And what does Max sound like?

Take a look at this brief video I took...the sound is low because they are far away.

Meet Max

Who's Max, you ask? Max is a puppet Joe created for his non-profit company, St. Kolbe Productions. He wants to start creating kids videos to help teach about the Catholic faith, and thought Professor Max would be fun. He's an archaelogical type...
So, today, we spent time in the studio filming with Steve and Janet Ray and they met Max. Here are some shots and a short video I shot while helping out in the studio.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kids...Matthew...say the darndest things

So, Matthew has been joining me at my trainer's 2x a week to get some exercise in his life. Every Monday, I have to run my mile...and try to beat my time from the previous week (or meet some other goal - like not holding on when I am going really fast).

So, I do my mile and Matthew is getting his little butt kicked by the trainer and we go through our hour-long session and are leaving, tired, beat and sweaty! As we are walking out, Matthew says to me (and I quote), 'Your booty was really shaking when you were running the mile...'

I love him, I really do. And he was just being honest because I guess I still have a lot to lose in the booty area!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where has the time gone...

All in the month of June our life has completely changed. How, do you ask? Mark is just learning to do things very that how it always goes with babies? I truly can't remember. I believe the main reason he is doing a lot of this stuff is because he knows he has to keep up with his big brother. So, here's what happened.

First he was crawling...

And now, we have a walker...

And gates...

And, he wants to eat the big boy snack food

Oh goes the grocery bill (again)! And, here's an image from Father's Day...I was able to spend most of the day home with the boys before going to work!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow - time is flying

Well, Mark is almost 8 months old and I have been really bad about keeping up to date. We have hit many milestones in the first 8 months, the biggest of which...he is now crawling! Yep, that's right, our daily life now involves the little bugger moving around after things. He's still new to it, but it won't take long...that's for sure. These are a couple little videos I took the other morning - he gets his sights set on something and watch him go! The 2nd one is my favorite because he looks up at me and's just one of those 'look out, I'm a comin' grins...

More updates: Mark has 3 bottom teeth and the top two are coming VERY soon (not soon enough for him or us!!). I just wish it wasn't so painful. He is starting to 'blab' in the car...blah, blah, blah is fun to hear. Matthew and I get a kick out of it when we hear it while driving around. It's like he's trying to tell us something or be a part of our conversation. He's eating like a horse...breakfast (especially yogurt) is his favorite meal. Dinner is his least favorite (or at least he eats the least at this meal). But, he definitely lets you know when he's hungry!

Other updates:
- Matthew is enjoying summer...participating in karate a few times a week, going to summer camp, and enjoying the pool (yep, we invested in an above ground pool - hopefully it lasts a bit longer this time).

- I have switched my hours and am now working evenings. I get to be home with the boys during the day and am LOVING it! Sleep...what's that? And, who needs it?!? I am just really enjoying the time I have now with the two of them. And, once school is back in session, I can actually take Matthew to school and some days pick him up...what a concept!

- Joe is busy...busy, busy. Life keeps moving forward for Skyline Productions and St. Kolbe Productions. He has long days but tries his best to make it home to be with the boys in the evening. He also helps in the morning when he can so I can get just a few more winks of shut-eye.

So, the Reynolds Four are doing well...we are enjoying the time we have with each other, day by day. We have learned recently how precious time can be with the ones you love, so we do everything we can to take advantage of it as much as we can. And some pictures below...for your viewing pleasure!

Our first family dinner with all of us at the table (kinda)!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kinda glad I have boys

This link was sent to me by a friend...and I am kinda glad after watching this that I have boys (though I know they have their own way of communicating to us which is not far from this). Enjoy...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My new favorite

This picture is by far my favorite of Mark so far...just love this little guy! Even with his screaming and sleepless nights...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Tooth

We have a tooth...and I am SOOO excited! Life has been tough in the house lately...but we are getting by. Joe is currently in Israel (see next post) so it's me and the boys. Thank the LORD for my mother who is here during the day helping me so much!

I have some pictures here of the boys - and a few of Mark alone from bath time tonight. I was just waiting to get some pictures of him during bath time - so excited that the tooth came through! The ones of both boys are from Mother's Day - I had some good time with both boys over the weekend while Joe was gone.

Funny Matthew story: I was talking to my friend Sheila and she mentioned that while I was out of town in April that she had called and Matthew decided to call her back. He called her and decided to have a conversation with her about how everyone was out of town except his Oma and aunt, etc. Sheila went along with him and kept up the conversation for a few moments. I love that my son feels so comfortable calling friends of mine back when I am not home!


Waving for the camera

Ahhhh...bath time

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pictures from the last month

Here are just a few pics from the last month. I will do a bigger post when Mark has his 6-month visit in a week or so.
Hanging out with Oma

Looking at himself on the computer

A nice portrait

A bath moment...

Over Spring break, Matthew went to the butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens.

Birthdays Galore...

This month, on Easter, we celebrated the fact that Matthew is now 8...yep, 8. My mom turned...well, I won't share her age, but let's just say that next year is a big one! And today, Mark is 6 months old. Wow. What a month...and some pretty cool milestones.

Here are some pictures from Easter...
This is the 8-year old with Mickey Mouse ears I bought like 4 yrs ago...they finally fit!

Oma (my mom) and Matthew with their birthday cookie

Matthew on his scooter

Mark and Aunt Cait...enjoying the beautiful weather on Easter Sunday

Joe smoked 16 pounds of ribs - and they were gooooood!

(or so I current diet doesn't allow ribs)

Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Journey

Well, I have started a new and my HCG! Yep, I am trying that diet/lifestyle change that's out there and has been helping people lose weight for years. Yesterday was my first VLCD day and I survived. The shots aren't bad at all...can't even feel them, really. Maybe it's because I have so much extra fat on me...LOL! But, have lost 4lbs so far - WOO HOO! Every little bit counts, right?

I will update as I can...more fun things to come about the boys in the next day or so.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Why does it HURT so much for the little kids to get teeth? Mark's favorite thing to do over the past two weeks is shove his fist as far into his mouth as he can. I don't understand how he can enjoy that, I mean, come on, really? Fist in mouth?

But it provides him with much, we let it be.

And the teeth are nowhere in sight...(insert HEAVY sigh).

What would you do?

So, Matthew has been on spring break the last two weeks and he spent a day at the park with Nanny (Joe's mom) and his cousin Meghan. While they were there, a helicopter started circling the area. A few moments later, a police car pulled in the parking lot. The officer approached Nanny and asked if they had seen a specific looking person. They said they hadn't and the officer explained that he had just tried to abduct a young girl in the neighborhood (my WORST nightmare). Nanny let him know that if they did see him, they would call the police.

So, she used this as a learning lesson for the kids and asked what they would do if a stranger tried to take them from a park, restroom, restaurant, etc. My son's response was (and THIS is why I love him), 'I would kick him in the nuts!'. He said it straight faced as could be.

I inquired about this story later when I got home from work, and again, he told me what he would do, not thinking twice about it. I asked where he learned to do something like this...he just said he didn't know.

I love my kid - I REALLY love my kid! He keeps me laughing...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast at Paradise

The boys walked to Paradise Bakery for breakfast this morning...I was working at the hospital. Here are pictures of Matthew and Mark while can tell that Mark is just DYING to get that food in his mouth!

Friday, March 13, 2009

4-1/2 Months

Mark is now 4-1/2 months old...time is flying! We went to the doctor on Thursday night for the 4-month checkup. He is still somewhat of a square...meaning around the 50th %ile for everything. He's a little short for his age...but we are working on that! Not much we can do on that, must have gotten my family jeans in the height category!

Here's a recent family photo that we doesn't really do Mark justice as far as his personality! Just one of those things that he doesn't photograph well.

This is the entire Reynolds family...lots of people! It was a beautiful day at the park so we enjoyed taking the time to play while getting photos taken.

Hopefully more to come soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting By

Sorry for being so out of touch. It's hard to find spare time to do anything lately...imagine that with a full-time job, husband and 2 kids.

There is absolutely no normalcy in our life right now - did I expect something different? Well, after having only one child for 7-1/2 years we were used to it...and had forgotten what it was like to not have it.

Bad days? Oh yeah, aplenty. Sometimes too many to think about. However, I can find absolute joy in two things that keep me going day to day right now...

and this one...from the past

Yep - that's big brother

I love them both and can't wait to spend my evenings and weekends with them. I lose my cool and have some really tough and stressful days (what mom doesn't). Working sucks...and I have been tempted many times to call in and say I can't come in because I am sick...or the baby is sick...but I can't. I mean, I could, but I don't. They are fine without me and being away is what makes me want to be with them so much when I get home from work.

And, best of all, Joe and I are still married...happily? Trying our darndest! Til next time...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I survived...

I should say our family survived my return to work. It was a long week, but it got a little easier each day. Here's a brief recap...

Monday - I did my best at work and didn't call my mom until after 1230pm - but had pretty much counted the minutes until that moment came. And then, 430pm couldn't come soon enough for me to head out the door and get home. Joe worked late so my mom hung around a little longer to help get through dinner, bath and then bed. It was a true blessing to have her helping hands a little longer...

Tuesday - The morning came earlier than normal because Mark was up at 445am and didn't really want to go back to sleep. So this was going to be a long day as I had to close at the hospital - oh well!! I was WIPED OUT by the time I got home. Joe worked a little later in the evening and Matthew was going to Nanny's for dinner. So, it ended up that we all arrived home at the same time - which caused a bit of chaos (in my mind). But we worked through it and I fell into bed around 9pm.

Wednesday - Mark was better and slept until about 6am when Oma came (my mom - aka day care). So, I was able to get on the treadmill in the morning and then get him before I got in the shower. Day went quicker - didn't call as often...waited for mom. She is now napping when Mark naps because it's a long day with him (the one who doesn't sleep). 430pm came quick and I was ready to be home...

Thursday - An even shorter day it seemed - and we are starting to settle into a routine (if you can have anything like that in your life before the kids are like...18). I got worked by the trainer right after work and Joe was working late so Oma stayed a little longer to help. It was great! We shared some chicken enchiladas after I got home...then bath, bottle and bed (at least we tried for bed - it took a while).

Friday - Came and went uneventfully. TGIF!!! And Oma agrees - it's been a long time since she has worked and she puts in long hours...but she is a God send and I truly don't know how I would be doing it without her. The day passed quickly and the family was all in the house by 5pm. Great dinner and quiet evening. Mark was put in his crib at 845pm and asleep by a little after was I!

And, our exercise ball has found a new purpose - Mark likes to be bounced to sleep! Yep, that's right. We now have an exercise ball in his room and we bounce up and down on it with him in our arms to get him resting and then down he goes in the crib...amazing! It doesn't work every time, but I feel like I am getting some exercise while trying it!

I will post some pictures later that my mom took this week - he is laughing, talking, and smiling more than ever! I am just glad she gets to share in these moments with him if I can't.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Return to Work

Yep - tomorrow is my first day back to work. Not sure how it will go, though I know Mark is in some of the most capable hands with my mother.

Stay tuned - I will post later this coming week to let you know how it goes!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Baptism...and shots

Well, we baptized Mark on Sunday - how beautiful and fun! It was a wonderful ceremony/Mass at the Cathedral and Fr. Rob did a fantastic job. I will be posting a video shortly but there are a few pictures below. Mark had a VERY long day and didn't nap too well, so he was fairly exhausted by bed was I. So, he went to sleep - and slept 8 hours - WOO HOO!!! However, it hasn't happened again. But he is sleeping at least 6 hours in one stretch at night. If we could just get him to sleep a little more during the day - HA!

Then, Tuesday, he had is 2-month well visit...and shots. 4 of them. ouch! My mom went with me since she will be my day care for a while. It wasn't fun, but he did well and didn't actually cry for that long afterwards. He was fairly fussy for a couple days, but that's to be expected. He is pretty much back to normal...not sleeping during the day, laughing, coo-ing, all the fun baby stuff that happens at 10 weeks. He weighed in at 11 lbs, 8 oz, was 23" long and has a head about 15-3/4" around. The doctor said he is in the 50th %ile for his age for everything - so just an average kid! We like average...

Here are some pictures we took at bath time last night...Matthew had fun keeping him distracted and making him laugh!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Baptism of Mark

Well, we knew we would be baptizing Mark this coming Sunday when our friend Fr. Rob Clements told us he would do it. It is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord and he said he likes to choose a family he knows to baptize their child on this particular Sunday. As most of you know, Joe produces the live TV Mass from the Cathedral every take 1 - ONE - guess what time and which Mass we will be baptizing Mark at? Yep, and I am not all that thrilled...still have that baby weight. However, we are loving the fact that Fr. Rob has asked us to do this - he actually is doing it as payback to Joe for putting his face on TV every week - gotta love that!

The gown Mark is wearing in the picture below is almost 100 years old - from Joe's family. Matthew, Joe, his father and his grandmother were all baptized in it. So, it's pretty old and very special for us.

If you are home on Sunday, 1/11 at around 9am MST, join us on Channel 45 if you live in Arizona (KUTP) or online at - or, just pray for us in your hearts! We are excited to bring Mark into this wonderful and beautiful faith we live...