Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Baptism of Mark

Well, we knew we would be baptizing Mark this coming Sunday when our friend Fr. Rob Clements told us he would do it. It is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord and he said he likes to choose a family he knows to baptize their child on this particular Sunday. As most of you know, Joe produces the live TV Mass from the Cathedral every take 1 - ONE - guess what time and which Mass we will be baptizing Mark at? Yep, and I am not all that thrilled...still have that baby weight. However, we are loving the fact that Fr. Rob has asked us to do this - he actually is doing it as payback to Joe for putting his face on TV every week - gotta love that!

The gown Mark is wearing in the picture below is almost 100 years old - from Joe's family. Matthew, Joe, his father and his grandmother were all baptized in it. So, it's pretty old and very special for us.

If you are home on Sunday, 1/11 at around 9am MST, join us on Channel 45 if you live in Arizona (KUTP) or online at - or, just pray for us in your hearts! We are excited to bring Mark into this wonderful and beautiful faith we live...

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