Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting By

Sorry for being so out of touch. It's hard to find spare time to do anything lately...imagine that with a full-time job, husband and 2 kids.

There is absolutely no normalcy in our life right now - did I expect something different? Well, after having only one child for 7-1/2 years we were used to it...and had forgotten what it was like to not have it.

Bad days? Oh yeah, aplenty. Sometimes too many to think about. However, I can find absolute joy in two things that keep me going day to day right now...

and this one...from the past

Yep - that's big brother

I love them both and can't wait to spend my evenings and weekends with them. I lose my cool and have some really tough and stressful days (what mom doesn't). Working sucks...and I have been tempted many times to call in and say I can't come in because I am sick...or the baby is sick...but I can't. I mean, I could, but I don't. They are fine without me and being away is what makes me want to be with them so much when I get home from work.

And, best of all, Joe and I are still married...happily? Trying our darndest! Til next time...