Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mark's story

This is the story of Mark's birth. I am recording it here more for my memory as well as for those who want to share in it. Most know that I was extremely anxious for weeks prior, so this birth was a wonderful experience for me. Here if you want (there are a bunch of pictures down below):
The night before we went to the hospital, we had a family night with dinner and a movie with Matthew. It was fun...but a very sentimental evening and you can imagine my emotions were running fast and hard. We ended up taking Matthew to Joe's parents earlier than we thought because he wanted to play with the dog. So, we dropped him off and took a few photos of the last night of just the three of us. Joe and I headed home to finish packing the bags and try to get some rest.

We awoke about 545am on Saturday so we could shower and head to the hospital. Of course I couldn't eat, so Joe suffered with me and didn't eat either (what a guy!). We got to the hospital and my co-workers were waiting for had even called to see where I was! They checked me in and sent me on my way to the 3rd floor.

I arrived on the 3rd floor at shift change and it was a bit chaotic but they knew I was coming and had a bed ready for me to get prepped. My prep/surgery nurse was Kathy and I knew her from seeing her around the hospital. She was GREAT!! She calmed a lot of my fears and made it a fun experience from the beginning. Joe was right by my side the whole time...this was the easy part. They poked me for the IV and some bloodwork, I had to put on the oh-so-fashionable gown and hair cover. Joe had to put on his scrubs and then we wait. My doctor came in and said a quick prayer with us (AWESOME!!) and again, I was very relieved. I didn't feel panicked or anxious at all during this time. I couldn't believe it.

As they had me on the table and were getting the spinal block in, the doctor was turning on the radio and they were making it very lighthearted. The mood was a great one which was good for me. I was freezing so they were covering me with the warmed blankets (gotta get me one of those for home - like I need one in Arizona). And, then Joe came in and the procedure began at 920am. I was trying to keep myself distracted (see picture below) and looked at Joe pretty much the whole time. He and I had our own little conversation going...and the anesthesiologist was right there with us making sure I was doing good. It's amazing how much you can actually feel and not feel at the same time while this process is going on.

And, then he was the picture above I have tears in my eyes because they just told me he was out...but I hadn't heard the cry yet. But it didn't take long and he was crying and smacking his lips because he was HUNGRY!!

Joe followed Mark around as I was doing great and had my nurse with me at the table. I could see everything they were doing with him in the room there as they did the initial cleaning and the neonatologist checked everything out. That was really cool - I don't remember that from Matthew's birth. Joe checked with me before he left the room to make sure I was good with it and I was. They were just finishing me up and then I would head to recovery.

Joe met me in recovery after a little while with Mark after he had his good bath. Then they headed to our room while I was cleaned up by the nurse. After I was cleared, they wheeled me to my room where my parents were waiting with Joe and Mark.

And, about an hour or so later Matthew arrived. Big brother was in the house, so let him have his time with Mark. He first looked at me and didn't see the baby with me so started looking around asking where Mark was. And, then he saw him and instantly went to his side. He wanted to pick him up right away so Joe got Matthew settled on the couch and then put him in his arms. And, they instantly bonded...

Then Nanny got to hold him...

Then a shot of 3 generations of Reynolds men...

Then the grandfathers with the grandsons...

That evening Mark's Godmother Yvonne came by to see us...what a blessing she is in our lives!

Matthew was messing around in Joe's scrubs...

This picture is from the day we were going tiny!

And his first bath at home a few days later...

The freedom to drive...

Have you ever not been able to drive for 2 weeks? Straight? I mean, you forget how much FUN it is to be able to get in your car and go...really! So, it's been two weeks...and I got up and went this morning, to Starbucks for a small cup of coffee...decaf, of course. I had also deprived myself of that great coffee for many weeks so it was quite a Saturday morning for me! I LOVED IT!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photos coming soon...

I have had a long few days (as expected) but the photos are coming soon. Just working on resizing them on my computer so I can post some. Here's just a peek at a couple...

Mark is relaxing in his favorite spot (outside of anyone's arms) - his papason chair. We have him sit in here while we make dinner or are just cleaning up the kitchen. He enjoys it for the most part...but it doesn't last long and then it's back in the arms for some more cuddle time!

I am not much for hospital photographers, but I think she did a great job capturing Mark in a good photo with this one. It's probably going to be one of my favorites for a very long time...

I will post more soon...just trying to get caught up here at home!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Week

Yep - almost one week and 2 hours, hard to believe. We are getting used to having less sleep around the house and figuring out what to do with Mark. Matthew is the 'favor' king...though I think he is tiring of it. He is getting a break today and just kind of hanging out around the house.

Joe goes back to work on Monday so that will be another adjustment not having him around during the day to help...and just keep me company. It will be hard not to have him around all day, but I will just have to get used to it. I just can't wait to drive! Being cooped up and dependent on others is tough. It has been a glorious first week of life learning about Mark and watching him change day by day.

Photos are coming...I promise! Just have to find an hour or so to download them from the camera and resize them. Thanks for visiting...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're home

We have been home almost 2 full days It seems so very surreal to me to have this little guy on the outside instead of the inside. He's doing great and so are to speak. A little lack of sleep here and there and the whole eating thing aside, life is good. Matthew is a GREAT big brother and LOVES to dote on Mark.

I will be posting some photos soon, so stay tuned. Now, it's time to get back to the little guy...thanks for visiting!

Friday, November 7, 2008

One Day left...

Well, today is the last day we are a family of three. Last night we went to Oregano's and enjoyed some calamari, a pizza and a Pizzookie! Oh my - Joe and Matthew had never been there so it was quite the treat. We enjoyed our family evening together and tonight it's movie time before we take Matthew to Nanny and Papa's for the night.

My emotions are running really high right now. I have already warned Joe that it could very well be that I am crying pretty much anytime he calls today. He wrote me the most LOVING letter this morning just letting me know how much he loves me and our will be kept forever in a very sacred place...

I may write more later...was up at 330a for over an hour because I couldn't sleep. But, I guess it's my body preparing me for more of this to come in the near future. I have some great girlfriends who have been talking me through the first few weeks of parenthood (again) since it's been so long for me! The nursing stories...the sleep deprived nights...the's all good! I welcome it back into my life since I have waited this long!

Stay may be a few days, but I promise to keep writing and will post pictures as I can!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Week Left

This morning my loving husband made us pancakes and sausage/bacon for breakfast. As I sat enjoying them I looked at the clock on the stove. 9:09am. That's what it said. And then it hit me. One week from today at that time we will be in the operating room welcoming our new son, Mark. WHAMO. It hit like a ton of bricks. One more week as a threesome...the three musketeers we have been for so long.

And the tears came...and they came hard. Both Matthew and Joe asked why I was crying. It's just hard for me to believe we have waited so long for this have another child...and now it's only one week away. I mean, I know I am 9 months pregnant (trust me, there's no way to forget). But I do have days when I think it's always going to be the three of us. I look back at all the memories we have made...just the three of us. I wonder how am I going to love this new guy as much as I love my current son.

Wait and see...that's what I get to do all week...wait and see. I had my last day of work yesterday, Halloween. And we spent the evening trick-or-treating with friends. It was wonderful. Now, I have this week to rest and get final preparations done in the house for the baby's is coming to help clean for a couple days because who knows when I will get to do that again - LOL!

Today is Saturday Nov. 1 and we have 7 days left...