Friday, November 7, 2008

One Day left...

Well, today is the last day we are a family of three. Last night we went to Oregano's and enjoyed some calamari, a pizza and a Pizzookie! Oh my - Joe and Matthew had never been there so it was quite the treat. We enjoyed our family evening together and tonight it's movie time before we take Matthew to Nanny and Papa's for the night.

My emotions are running really high right now. I have already warned Joe that it could very well be that I am crying pretty much anytime he calls today. He wrote me the most LOVING letter this morning just letting me know how much he loves me and our will be kept forever in a very sacred place...

I may write more later...was up at 330a for over an hour because I couldn't sleep. But, I guess it's my body preparing me for more of this to come in the near future. I have some great girlfriends who have been talking me through the first few weeks of parenthood (again) since it's been so long for me! The nursing stories...the sleep deprived nights...the's all good! I welcome it back into my life since I have waited this long!

Stay may be a few days, but I promise to keep writing and will post pictures as I can!

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