Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Week Left

This morning my loving husband made us pancakes and sausage/bacon for breakfast. As I sat enjoying them I looked at the clock on the stove. 9:09am. That's what it said. And then it hit me. One week from today at that time we will be in the operating room welcoming our new son, Mark. WHAMO. It hit like a ton of bricks. One more week as a threesome...the three musketeers we have been for so long.

And the tears came...and they came hard. Both Matthew and Joe asked why I was crying. It's just hard for me to believe we have waited so long for this have another child...and now it's only one week away. I mean, I know I am 9 months pregnant (trust me, there's no way to forget). But I do have days when I think it's always going to be the three of us. I look back at all the memories we have made...just the three of us. I wonder how am I going to love this new guy as much as I love my current son.

Wait and see...that's what I get to do all week...wait and see. I had my last day of work yesterday, Halloween. And we spent the evening trick-or-treating with friends. It was wonderful. Now, I have this week to rest and get final preparations done in the house for the baby's is coming to help clean for a couple days because who knows when I will get to do that again - LOL!

Today is Saturday Nov. 1 and we have 7 days left...

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