Saturday, August 28, 2010


If you live in the Phoenix area or are Catholic, you may know of Melanie Pritchard. She speaks around the country to all different age groups about life, chastity and on many other wonderful lessons for Catholics.

A montho ago today, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Gabriella Cecilia. She did this at the hospital where I work, a Catholic hospital, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. She did this wonderful act of love and almost lost her life in the process. Something rare happened to her where her heart stopped during delivery.

Long story short (here's a link to read more: Melanie Pritchard), she survived...miraculously. Doctors and nurses don't know how it happened because you don't normally walk away from something like this...ever. But she did. And it was the power of prayer. Mom and baby are doing very well.

This past week, Melanie, Doug (her husband) and baby Gabriella came back to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center to thank everyone who played a part in her care (read article here). My manager attended and when she recounted the story, tears were all over my face. I can't imagine coming to the hospital for the most beautiful occasion ever, to have a baby, and not know whether you are going to live.

Their story is amazing and I want to thank Melanie for being who she is in her Catholic faith. She is an example to myself and many others of how your faith can truly carry you through the hardest times.

During her thanks, a man walked up to her and said, 'Hi, my name is Vince...I performed your CPR.' When my Manager recanted that portion, I just sobbed. To think that this guy would be so normal about his every day job in scenarios like this. If you ever meet Vince, Respiratory Therapist at MGMC, you will see what I am talking about. The kindest, gentlest soul I know. He is a great man, but what he did for Melanie...just his every day job as far as he sees.

Unibrow...or Urinal?

So, the four of us were at breakfast the other day and talking about Mark's success on the potty (though only a few times). Matthew chimed in...this is how it went:

Matthew - "The next thing we have to do is teach him how to stand and pea in that thing..."
Joe - "What thing?"
Matthew - "You know, that thing on the wall that is on the floor."
Jennie - "The what?"
Matthew - "You know, the unibrow, that's in the bathroom for boys."

At this point, Joe and I finally understood what he was talking about...and about died laughing at the table.

Joe - " You mean, a urinal?"
Matthew (totally nonchalantly) - "Yeah, that"

Wow - GREAT breakfast conversation, right? Unibrow...HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love my son(s). I wouldn't trade EITHER of them for anything!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ahhh...potty training

I forgot, truly, I forgot what it's like to potty train.

Mark has been fascinated by the potty for a while now...well, pretty much since he could walk around. He likes to lift the lid, flush the toilet, put toys in the water (yeah, that's fun to get them out), all things boy. So, recently he has shown an interest in sitting on the potty.

This past weekend I went and purchased a toilet for him. Not the one I wanted, but figured it would do. Last night, the big boys were working out, and it was bath time. Mark and I went into the bathroom and he got so excited when he saw the toilet. He took it apart, tried to sit in the main part of it (sans seat and protective bowl). I told him we would try it again later after his bath.

We were in the midst of his bath and I went to get his towl out of the hall closet (right outside the bathroom - tub in full view). I turned back around with towel in hand and Mark is climbing out of the tub (21 months old, mind you). I asked what he was doing and he said, 'Potty'.

So, I promptly sat him down on the toilet and voila! He pee'ed! Yep, straight up - not lying. He pee'ed! I was so excited - and he was so excited...WOW!! It didn't happen this easy with Matthew, let me tell ya! We hugged and clapped and he did a little dance. Needless to say, bath time ended and he wanted to get back on the toilet and just sit a book...whatever, just to see if it would happen again!

I know it is a long road, but this first portion of it is VERY exciting for me. Joe and Matthew couldn't believe it when I told them. It will be their turn tonight to see if he does it again because I work late.

We will see who has the better luck with potty training...mommy, daddy or big brother!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birthday weekend

Spent the weekend in Tucson with the boys - first real family vacation for all of us together. While the resort left a lot to be desired, we created a lot of memories! I will treasure these last two days forever...

Here's a telling picture during our ride of Matthew's final comments was, 'do we have an off button for this guy (meaning Mark)?'

They both turned off shortly after that!