Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And what does Max sound like?

Take a look at this brief video I took...the sound is low because they are far away.

Meet Max

Who's Max, you ask? Max is a puppet Joe created for his non-profit company, St. Kolbe Productions. He wants to start creating kids videos to help teach about the Catholic faith, and thought Professor Max would be fun. He's an archaelogical type...
So, today, we spent time in the studio filming with Steve and Janet Ray and they met Max. Here are some shots and a short video I shot while helping out in the studio.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kids...Matthew...say the darndest things

So, Matthew has been joining me at my trainer's 2x a week to get some exercise in his life. Every Monday, I have to run my mile...and try to beat my time from the previous week (or meet some other goal - like not holding on when I am going really fast).

So, I do my mile and Matthew is getting his little butt kicked by the trainer and we go through our hour-long session and are leaving, tired, beat and sweaty! As we are walking out, Matthew says to me (and I quote), 'Your booty was really shaking when you were running the mile...'

I love him, I really do. And he was just being honest because I guess I still have a lot to lose in the booty area!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where has the time gone...

All in the month of June our life has completely changed. How, do you ask? Mark is just learning to do things very quickly...is that how it always goes with babies? I truly can't remember. I believe the main reason he is doing a lot of this stuff is because he knows he has to keep up with his big brother. So, here's what happened.

First he was crawling...

And now, we have a walker...

And gates...

And, he wants to eat the big boy snack food

Oh boy...here goes the grocery bill (again)! And, here's an image from Father's Day...I was able to spend most of the day home with the boys before going to work!