Saturday, March 28, 2009


Why does it HURT so much for the little kids to get teeth? Mark's favorite thing to do over the past two weeks is shove his fist as far into his mouth as he can. I don't understand how he can enjoy that, I mean, come on, really? Fist in mouth?

But it provides him with much, we let it be.

And the teeth are nowhere in sight...(insert HEAVY sigh).

What would you do?

So, Matthew has been on spring break the last two weeks and he spent a day at the park with Nanny (Joe's mom) and his cousin Meghan. While they were there, a helicopter started circling the area. A few moments later, a police car pulled in the parking lot. The officer approached Nanny and asked if they had seen a specific looking person. They said they hadn't and the officer explained that he had just tried to abduct a young girl in the neighborhood (my WORST nightmare). Nanny let him know that if they did see him, they would call the police.

So, she used this as a learning lesson for the kids and asked what they would do if a stranger tried to take them from a park, restroom, restaurant, etc. My son's response was (and THIS is why I love him), 'I would kick him in the nuts!'. He said it straight faced as could be.

I inquired about this story later when I got home from work, and again, he told me what he would do, not thinking twice about it. I asked where he learned to do something like this...he just said he didn't know.

I love my kid - I REALLY love my kid! He keeps me laughing...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast at Paradise

The boys walked to Paradise Bakery for breakfast this morning...I was working at the hospital. Here are pictures of Matthew and Mark while can tell that Mark is just DYING to get that food in his mouth!

Friday, March 13, 2009

4-1/2 Months

Mark is now 4-1/2 months old...time is flying! We went to the doctor on Thursday night for the 4-month checkup. He is still somewhat of a square...meaning around the 50th %ile for everything. He's a little short for his age...but we are working on that! Not much we can do on that, must have gotten my family jeans in the height category!

Here's a recent family photo that we doesn't really do Mark justice as far as his personality! Just one of those things that he doesn't photograph well.

This is the entire Reynolds family...lots of people! It was a beautiful day at the park so we enjoyed taking the time to play while getting photos taken.

Hopefully more to come soon!