Sunday, December 30, 2012

One more day this year

So tomorrow is the last day of 2012...I can't believe the year has gone by this fast. Looking forward to 2013 and posting a few more of the Reynolds escapades. 

The boys are getting bigger and bigger each day. Mark is now 4 and Matthew 11-1/2. It's funny to hear Matthew complain about Mark talking so much or asking him so many questions. Mark calls him 'Brother', not Matthew. I think it's because we always refer to him as 'brother'. Who knows...

A few updates on the family...
- Mark is going to be our stylish dancer/artist. The moment music starts playing, his hips start wiggling, whether he's seated or standing. It even happens at school and the teacher's LOVE it! He is also very much into arts and crafts, which means I have a couple boxes of paintings, drawings, etc. And, I am being a total packrat because I want to look back and remember these days when he is all grown up. He is stylish in his own way, but seems to care more about his clothes than big brother. May be just a phase...let's wait and see. And, he is definitely his father's son. I had a moment the other day when I glanced at him quickly and had to look back because it was as if I saw a *little* Joe right in front of me. He has dad's curious nature and desire to know how things work. He's not afraid of, really, anything. Not sure if that's a dad characteristic or mom... Anyway, he brightens every day in our lives and we feel blessed that he was brought into our lives when we thought there would be no more children.

- Matthew is getting big...and entering the pre-teen years. OY VEY!! I guess I didn't realize the smell that trails along behind boys. Daily reminders of deodarant and actually using soap in the shower don't always work. He is getting better, but it's still a battle. He has no real concerns about whether his clothes match. He is into flag football...well, football in general. Next year, maybe tackle. Maybe. BIG Maybe. Matthew struggled transitioning into 6th grade this year, but now I think he's got it down. They made some changes at the school and I think it's been a transition for the teachers as well. But I do enjoy his teachers...getting tougher as they get higher up. It's all good. The one thing he and Joe share a love for...bowling. Bowling. Whoda thunk?! But it's special time for the two of them doing something they can enjoy. Took him to a Notre Dame game in So. Bend this past fall and it has bonded us more than ever. He saw my roots...saw where I grew up as a kid. Fell. In. Love. It was fall...cold weather...leaves changing...perfect time to get him back there. I love this kid...he is about 90% me and 10% his dad. 

- Joe...well, he's still cranking away with Skyline Productions. Moved into a new space in late January and business has been good for him. He produces a live weekly broadcast of the Mass via internet, TV and radio to the homebound. It's an amazing piece of work and many are impressed with the quality. He bowls once a week on a league and loves that time (would love it more if he had higher scores...all in time). He has completed 2 marathons and is going to try for his 3rd...yes, I am speaking about Joe Reynolds. Amazing. When we met, 15 years ago, he was into drive thru food and iced tea. He hadn't set foot in a gym. Exercise? Yeah, not happening. So, to see him now blows me away. He gets cranky when he doesn't get his workout in...or when he doesn't get food in. Between him and two boys, my food budget is out the window. I am proud of him. He has come a long way in life, both personal and professional, in the 15 years that I have known and loved him. 

-, still working away at MGMC in the Admitting department. Healthcare was definitely not what I planned on doing as a career, but it's a good and stable job for the family right now. I still have the bug for travel, but will see if that ever comes to fruition. As long as I can travel for leisure every now and then, I should be good. As stated above, took a trip home to So. Bend for an Irish game...a win, nonetheless, in OT. It was AWESOME. AMAZING. Game. Of. A. Lifetime. Too much to share about it but maybe another post for another day. Working towards my first marathon in January. Not sure if I will be able to do it, but Joe told me it's not about winning or great time, just finish it. That's so true. We shall see. 

Looking forward to 2013 and whatever it brings. We will face it together as husband and wife and family. God is my focus this coming year and bringing our family more aligned with the vocations we are all called to. 

Check back often as I am hoping to get updates on here at least once a week. May your new year bring much happiness and love to your family!

OHHHH...Notre Dame, how I love thee...

(This blog should have been posted in October 2012 when I was back in South Bend with Matthew for the ND/Stanford game...just a little behind...)

Notre Dame...what can I say...I so enjoyed my time with you. I loved sharing you with my son. I'm so overjoyed that you didn't disappoint in the excitement of TRUE college football excitement.

Just a few pics to hold onto until we meet again!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It's Christmas again, where has the year gone. The day itself goes so fast I wish it lasted longer.

Joe was right..Mark LOVED the go cart. He is truly his fathers child. I got my Keurig. Matthew got a computer. Joe got sunglasses and a gift card.

But best of all, we had the day together...with family. I am learning to treasure these times more as our parents grow older. It's our turn soon to become parents to them. I love them what they've done and continue to do for us and the boys. I pray they are with us much longer but know the reality of age.

Looking forward to a FABULOUS 2013!

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