Monday, August 10, 2009


Yep - well, so much for trying to keep up on the blog. Mark is now 9 months He is crawling, standing up and trying to He is going to be the one that gets me to the hospital for services, and not for work. He has 4 teeth on the bottom and at least 2 on top. He won't quite let us look at them, but we could see the two front ones are BIG and have broken skin. Sleep is getting there...we have learned that letting him cry doesn't hurt him and provides for restful sleep for the whole family.

Matthew is back in school - YEAH!! He has a new teacher this year, Miss O'Brien, who is FULL of life and fun! But, still knows how to keep the kids in line. One of the biggest things in school this year is learning RESPONSIBILITIES. So, we are also pushing that at home...having our moments, but overall it is going well.

Joe, well, still busy as ever. Went on a quick business trip to Virginia to film a roof being put on the Air and Space Museum in Hampton. Two of his contract guys are back there this week finishing the job because Joe is in the studio for a 3-day shoot with Spirit and Song Artists. Then, maybe a day of rest...HA!

Me, well, did I tell you I am working nights? Yep, working from 4p in the afternoon until 1230a in the morning. However, I can count on one hand the number of times I have left the hospital on time since I made this shift change. But, I love it! Work is great...and I get to be home with the baby during the day...even BETTER!!! I am loving being able to do both. And most people ask, when do you sleep? Well, when I can. Most nights I get between 4 and 5 hours and then (maybe) an hour nap during the day. On the weekends, I try to sneak in a couple extra hours in the morning or during the day sometime...whatever life allows. It's all body knows what it needs to function!

And, for my birthday, my husband decided to take me on a cruise...YIPPEEEE!!! So, August 21st we leave for San Diego to catch our big boat - Carnival, baby! Can't wait...haven't ever cruised before so looking forward to it. Only 3 days - and that's enough because I don't think I could handle being away from the boys for any longer. Joe and I are looking forward to the time alone should be relaxing...and I will catch up on some of that lost sleep on the boat...zzzzzzzzz.

I will post some new pictures soon, but this is where we are at. Mark has his 9-month appt this Friday, so will post stats after that.