Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Time

Here's a recent movie of Mark and Charlie...they are best of friends! We think Charlie believes Mark is another puppy...LOL...enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Picture Pages

Matthew has to do his first book report for class today - and along with it he did a diorama. The book he read, The Penderwicks, was a great one...17 chapters! WHEW! But, he loved it. So here are some pics of his diorama in progress...and the finished product. Oma helped him with it...the teacher in her coming out. He created a game on the back side of it - a matching game. And on the sides, he put pictures of the characters (using images of relatives, of course). It was fun for him...he really enjoyed the book and then bringing it to life like this was fun...a lot of work, as well!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Labor Day

And the time has flown. Mark will be ten months next week - whoa! Here's the latest on the family and then another post with pics/videos!

Mark - he's got 6 teeth with more comin'! The doctor saw him this past week as I thought he may have an ear infection, but she said his ears were beautiful and there were 2 more teeth coming. WOOOPPEEE!! when does it end??? He's crawling everywhere and trying to take steps on his own. Matthew loves to try and help him walk by holding his hands. Mark wants to move faster than his legs know how. We have gates everywhere because he has conquered going up the stairs, but not down. Soon...very soon...the gates will come down and the family will all be walkers! He is a great spirited child with his moments (like us all). He loves to laugh and giggle, but is quite insistent when he knows what he wants and doesn't have it in front of him. Life is good and I enjoy my time with him each and every day!

Matthew - 3rd grade is underway and he is LOVIN' school! He really has taken on the responsibilities of his new class and his teacher is great. She is providing us parents with many tools to assist him with everything he has to do for homework, book reports, etc. He still has his very happy, fun loving spirit, and enjoys making people laugh (did I mention class clown 3 years running?). I love this guy...and all the funny, quirky things that he has to say!

Jennie - well, still working nights. Yep, sleep is still random when I can get it. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am truly enjoying being at home with the boys during the morning hours. It has really been a blessing for me. I am starting back with my women's prayer group this coming weekend and I am also going to try Pilates. My friend teaches it at a local gym and I can pay (without membership) to take the class with her. AAHHHHHH stretching and relaxation!

Joe - just back from a week long work trip in Vegas (yeah right - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...jk!). I still have yet to see him in daylight (haven't seen him since last Sunday morning). Business has remained steady, which we are MOST thankful for. Though at times he realizes how tired he is, he knows that he has to be extremely thankful for the work when he can get it with so many without it. He may be headed to Qatar, Saudi Arabia later in September - will keep you posted on that one!

So, Joe and I pass like ships in the night...literally going a couple days without seeing each other since he is sleeping when I get home and I am sleeping when he leaves. Speaking of ships, Joe and I took our first cruise in August. It was a quick 3-day trip to Ensenada, Mexico. It was FUN! We didn't do much on the ship because it was cloudy the day we left and on Saturday. But, Sunday provided clear blue skies while we went on a tour of a winery...AWESOME! When we were back on the ship, we enjoyed lunch and some relaxing time by one of the pools. Then it was a little nap time and refresh before dinner. What a trip - we will cruise again!

We have enjoyed the summer and are turning now towards the fall/winter season! I wish I could say that brought crisp, cool weather, but 90's and low 100's aren't really considered cool by others outside of Arizona. However, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbuck's so that's a good sign of things to come!

More posts to come...stay tuned!