Saturday, August 18, 2012


My 3-1/2 year old was touching my stomach this morning saying (and I
quote), "Mommy, you're so fat. Mommy you're so squishy."

Really? Joe told me to consider the source but he's a pretty smart kid. I need to get back on the treadmill for another hour? Or
do I give in to the pancake sitting on the counter?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's that time of year...

I turned another year older...and I am hanging on tight for the next, oh, 357 days. The actual day was last week, but I am just able to sit down and write about it. It was a great day...week. The actual day itself was a bit hectic, and I ended up going out to pick up my dinner and bring it home by myself, but hey, what's another day in life, right?

The bday really started on Thursday evening. I went out for dinner/drinks with my dearest girlfriends. Shared so much *wife* and *woman* was great. I love being able to talk so candidly and openly about everything in life and relationships. It's actually amazing how much we all go through that is so much alike.

And then, my husband. What can I say but he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He worked for 2 months to put the surprise together...and what a job he did! I was surprised...surprised at what he gave me...surprised at how romantic he was in putting it together. A weekend away, just the two of us (I took care of arrangements for the kids - for the WHOLE WEEKEND).

It started on Friday at 4pm sharp. We headed out of the driveway and I knew not where we were going...all part of his plan. We ended up at a resort in Scottsdale for the weekend, totally fine with me. No kids. Quiet. Who could ask for anything more...but, oh so much more there was!

When I walked in, there were 18 roses in a vase and a bag on the chair with gifts. A bottle of wine and cheese and crackers. I walked through the place and on the bed were rose petals and a chocolate bar (pics below). It was AWESOME!! Yes, he has set the bar high, friends, VERY high! We had a 4-course meal on Friday night that started at 7p and we didn't have dessert until 1030p. OMG! I was so stuffed, but that chocolate cake was YUMMY! Oh, and the bag of gifts...a robe (which I love), a necklace with the 26.2 on it (because I am signed up for the race in January) and a pair of petite diamond earrings...which I have been asking for since we have been married!!

Saturday - well, let's just say we did get a workout in, but we didn't eat breakfast until 11am. And, no lunch, but a restful day and then dinner that night at the White Chocolate Grill...again, OMG! Such great food...horrible for my nutrition plan, but oh so good! And, yet, another peaceful night sleep by ourselves in quiet...beautiful, this silence thing.

Sunday - as a friend put is the hardest part after a weekend away. And, that was the truth. We arrived home about 1p to nerf bullets flying our way. No 'I missed you' or 'Welcome Back' hugs or kisses. I guess that's what boys are about. They survived without us...don't even know if they realized we were gone. We survived without them.

Great job honey! Great job...I only hope I can meet the very high bar you have set.

I love you all the more for this and will treasure our weekend together alone forEVER!!