Saturday, March 28, 2009

What would you do?

So, Matthew has been on spring break the last two weeks and he spent a day at the park with Nanny (Joe's mom) and his cousin Meghan. While they were there, a helicopter started circling the area. A few moments later, a police car pulled in the parking lot. The officer approached Nanny and asked if they had seen a specific looking person. They said they hadn't and the officer explained that he had just tried to abduct a young girl in the neighborhood (my WORST nightmare). Nanny let him know that if they did see him, they would call the police.

So, she used this as a learning lesson for the kids and asked what they would do if a stranger tried to take them from a park, restroom, restaurant, etc. My son's response was (and THIS is why I love him), 'I would kick him in the nuts!'. He said it straight faced as could be.

I inquired about this story later when I got home from work, and again, he told me what he would do, not thinking twice about it. I asked where he learned to do something like this...he just said he didn't know.

I love my kid - I REALLY love my kid! He keeps me laughing...

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