Saturday, August 28, 2010

Unibrow...or Urinal?

So, the four of us were at breakfast the other day and talking about Mark's success on the potty (though only a few times). Matthew chimed in...this is how it went:

Matthew - "The next thing we have to do is teach him how to stand and pea in that thing..."
Joe - "What thing?"
Matthew - "You know, that thing on the wall that is on the floor."
Jennie - "The what?"
Matthew - "You know, the unibrow, that's in the bathroom for boys."

At this point, Joe and I finally understood what he was talking about...and about died laughing at the table.

Joe - " You mean, a urinal?"
Matthew (totally nonchalantly) - "Yeah, that"

Wow - GREAT breakfast conversation, right? Unibrow...HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love my son(s). I wouldn't trade EITHER of them for anything!

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