Monday, October 12, 2009

My first Top 10

The top 10 reasons I really like fall:

1) No A/C in house
2) Pumpkin spice latte @ Starbucks (been there for a month - but really can enjoy it now)
3) Morning walks with Mark (sometimes in stroller, sometimes not)
4) Fire in the firepit in backyard in the evening
5) Sitting in the gazebo in the morning listening to birds and sipping coffee
6) Pulling the comforter up at night to snuggle
7) Windows/Doors open almost all day long in the house
8) Matthew is on break and we get to hang out more
9) Driving with the windows down
10) Grilling outside without sweating...or at least not as much!

I know it's a weak Top 10, but they are all great things in the scheme of things when you live in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. I do miss experiencing the seasons right where I live, but I will take whatever I can get at this point...

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