Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthdays Galore...

This month, on Easter, we celebrated the fact that Matthew is now 8...yep, 8. My mom turned...well, I won't share her age, but let's just say that next year is a big one! And today, Mark is 6 months old. Wow. What a month...and some pretty cool milestones.

Here are some pictures from Easter...
This is the 8-year old with Mickey Mouse ears I bought like 4 yrs ago...they finally fit!

Oma (my mom) and Matthew with their birthday cookie

Matthew on his scooter

Mark and Aunt Cait...enjoying the beautiful weather on Easter Sunday

Joe smoked 16 pounds of ribs - and they were gooooood!

(or so I current diet doesn't allow ribs)

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