Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Tooth

We have a tooth...and I am SOOO excited! Life has been tough in the house lately...but we are getting by. Joe is currently in Israel (see next post) so it's me and the boys. Thank the LORD for my mother who is here during the day helping me so much!

I have some pictures here of the boys - and a few of Mark alone from bath time tonight. I was just waiting to get some pictures of him during bath time - so excited that the tooth came through! The ones of both boys are from Mother's Day - I had some good time with both boys over the weekend while Joe was gone.

Funny Matthew story: I was talking to my friend Sheila and she mentioned that while I was out of town in April that she had called and Matthew decided to call her back. He called her and decided to have a conversation with her about how everyone was out of town except his Oma and aunt, etc. Sheila went along with him and kept up the conversation for a few moments. I love that my son feels so comfortable calling friends of mine back when I am not home!


Waving for the camera

Ahhhh...bath time

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