Tuesday, December 9, 2008

9 Years Ago Today...

I made a promise...a vow...a commitment...and am so glad I did. I promised to be true and faithful. I made a vow to the Lord our God that I will live my life faithfully alongside my husband. I committed to being a good wife and mother to our children.

I have always thought back and remembered this day knowing that my true love was put before me though I couldn't ever be sure what was going to happen to us...for us...with us. It's not our plan for life but God's and we are always open to what He wants to do with us - and provide us with the strength to get through His plan. I love my husband more today than before as I have grown with him through our life together. I love him for his kindness...his silent strength....his devotion to our faith and family...his love for our children...and his love for me.

Joe is the man I married 9 years ago today. He is my true love...the one that I want to spend every moment of my life with and to share everything with for as long as we shall live. Joe - I love you more than you will know. Sorry I didn't get a card, but I hope this can make up for it!

**This should have posted on 12/10 - not 12/09**

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