Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent...Give it up or bring it on

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, a day we as Catholics begin our 40-day
journey of Lent. Most people talk about what they will give up as a
sacrifice. Some talk about taking something on. I usually try to do
both and have been struggling with what to choose.

I eat sweets, but not in large enough quantities on a regular basis to
think I need to give it up. I am a fairly healthy person so not
thinking food will be in the category of what I give up. I'm thinking
more down the lines of talking about people or what some might call
'gossip'. I don't know if I do it a lot but I know I do it and it does
no good.

What will I take on? I was thinking of something physical like running
every day...but again, I'm fairly healthy and do exercise regularly.
Think I'm going to have to go with something deeper like daily prayer.
Don't do it often enough and need it more in my life...a lot more!

So as I start this journey, I ask the Lord to stand by me and give me
the strength to go on this journey. It will not be easy but I need
this in my life right now. I love this time of's always been
a great time of reflection and growth.

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